Sunday, January 29, 2012

holla at the weekend.


This weekend was spent with my favorite boy watching movies and making sure that he feels better since he has been sick. I finally watched The Help, really it has taken me how many months to finally watch it!? It was so so good. 
 My sister and I have been playing mom and keeping down the fort this past weekend while my mom has been in California. It might be a little chaotic around here and I may or may not have left bread in the oven too long and burnt it. But we are having fun. 
I have the cutest little brother, jus sayin. 
Who else climbs in bed with me and says, "tt snuggle with me". He's too cute for his own good. 
Last night at work, Gabe surprised me with Starbucks, really I might be the luckiest girl alive.  He is just the sweetest thing. 
Kings against the Jazz last night? 
Holla at your boys. 
After work or anytime for that matter I have to be doing something. Theres always homework to be done or dirty clothes that need to be put in the laundry but last night I got off work and wanted nothing more than some chocolate and to watch a movie. I felt oh so guilty but honestly it was needed. Crazy, Stupid Love. I've heard mixed reviews about it but I really did love it. 
This song? 
Oh, and this was the best part of the weekend. Really. 
This girl. 
Oh, and don't you worry I've already bought my ticket. 
See you on April 19th. 
I'm literally dying with excitement, it's fine. 

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